We are happy to provide an advanced estimate for any search forwarded to us. Our search charges are generally based on a very reasonable hourly basis. We conduct searches on a fixed budget that meets your budgetary requirements. Most patentability searches generally cost about $300 to $800, exclusive of disbursements for commercial databases employed for a particular search, copies of documents, etc.
We recognize the importance of providing search results that meet your time constraints. Generally, most searches are completed in less than three weeks, but, at times, some searches do take longer, particularly complex right to market investigations. Our searches can be forwarded by mail, courier services or electronically, with copies of all cited prior art, if desired.

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We are in the business of serving our clients by conducting comprehensive and detailed patent searches in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. We take great pride in our work product and strive to deliver the very best search product possible. Communications with our client is most important for developing our search strategies, discussing costs and being available to answer any questions during the entire search process.